The NOI education system presents seven quality assured courses which cover the role of the nervous system in rehabilitation, from nerve entrapments in the periphery to chronic pain and stress states and severe neural injury. Return to course search…

The strengths of our international faculty combine to provide a fertile ground for rich course content and to be positioned at the forefront of clinical techniques and research. Our instructors are hand selected on the basis of their existing skills and expertise and trained on-the-ground with fellow faculty members. Instructors have either completed masters or doctorate degrees and/or are involved in high level clinical practice. Individual faculty biographies and publication listings can be found on the faculty page        

NOI headquarters operates from Adelaide, Australia, however the education system reaches across all continents. There are established faculties in Canada, USA, Australia, India, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Chile, Italy, Holland and German speaking Europe. The size and depth of the faculty allows to us to teach pretty much anywhere – extend the invitation and we will endeavour to be there with bells on! All courses in the system can be presented globally except Clinical Applications at this stage.
Region and language
NOIs courses are currently run in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA, Canada, and numerous countries in Europe. We have established faculties in German, Italian, and English speaking Europe, and have recently started presenting in Scandinavian centres. All courses are supported by NOI texts and products, quality workbooks, graphics and post course web involvement.

NOI instructors are hand selected on the basis of their existing skills and expertise. All instructors have postgraduate manual therapy educations and are members of the International Association of the Study of Pain. Our courses in languages other than English are predominantly delivered by native speaking members of the faculty.
You, or your organisation, can coordinate and host a NOI course in either an open or inhouse format. For more information, email NOI at

Closed Courses
NOI courses are available as ‘open’ or ‘closed’. Open courses are available to anybody with the required qualifications. Closed courses are inhouse and generally organised for the staff of a certain company or association. You cannot individually register for a closed course. We suggest considering other course options in and around your area.

If you are interested in hosting your own closed course, please contact us on for area specific information.

Note: Chiropractors registered in the United States will not be accepted in to NOI courses in the US or Canada. In the US, chiropractic associations continue to legislate to restrict the practices of physical therapists. If you wish to attend a NOI course in the United States, we suggest that you lobby your local chiropractic council to lift all legislative action.