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Join Luke Bongiorno and Rachael Sheat as they sit down for a Pain Chat

By Noigroup HQ Education for all 21 Oct 2021

Earlier this year, Luke Bongiorno Noigroup’s new owner and director, sat down with talented clinician and Noigroup Instructor Rachael Sheat for a Pain Chat. They focussed on Rachael’s passion for understanding and treating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Grab a beverage of your choice, and sit back and enjoy their chat, instructor to instructor, clinician to clinician.

Here’s a rough topic guide

0:00 Introductions

2:30 Complex Regional pain Syndrome

4:20 Rachael’s approach to CRPS

6:40 Considering patients’ expectations around CRPS diagnosis and treatment

9:40 The possible role of psychology in CRPS treatment

10:50 The place of a physical examination

13:00 The pain experience of people with CRPS

14:10 The importance of validating peoples’ experience of CRPS

15:15 Top Down and Bottom Up approaches to treatment

16:27 The future of CRPS

17:01 Advice for young therapists

18:04 Where does Explain Pain fit in

We’ve got a few more Pain Chats in the can, and we’ll be bringing them to you soon!


Luke Bongiorno is a globe trotting Physiotherapist and Noigroup Instructor based in New York. Luke took over as owner and Director of Noigroup in March 2021 and continues to manage a clinical case load and teach Noigroup courses. Luke is a consultant to the NBA and a number of professional European soccer teams, and works with high level athletes, olympians and performers



Rachael Sheat is a full time clinician based in Melbourne, Australia. In 2021 Rachael developed and ran a brand new Noigroup course Explain Pain Applications, and has sold out three consecutive courses and received outstanding feedback for this interactive, engaging, ‘how to’ course for therapists looking to take their pain education to the next level. Rachael is a sought after clinician in Melbourne and has a passion for helping people with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and other complicated persistent pain states.



Here’s what people are saying about Rachael’s Explain Pain Applications course

“Rachel was a breath of fresh air. She obviously speaks from considerable experience and knowledge, but I also appreciated her honesty and authenticity in talking about the difficulties of working with persistent with pain

I appreciated Rachael facilitating creative use of the tools we have been given including sometimes doing things “outside the box when it comes to treating pain

I recently completed the Clinical Applications lead by the wonderful Rachael Sheat. It was easily one of the best courses I have done. The application of EP to real-life patients and group lead discussion around this was wonderful

Find out more and purchase your ticket to Rachael’s last Explain Pain Applications course for 2021 HERE (before it’s sold out again!)


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