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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my video?

ebook instructions – how to read aloud

Is the NOI mirror box large enough to use with my leg?

I’ve started using Recognise in the clinic. What do I do in order to have patients use it on their own? Is there anything for motor imagery?

Why is the initial step in right/left discrimination called vanilla hands?

Context Images

I am using the Recognise App but some of the photos are not showing the correct way up (ie. are rotated randomly).

Some of the postures of body parts and contexts (animals, textures, environments) on the Recognise computer program really disturb me. Is there a way I can choose to use (or not use) particular images?

I can’t decide if the body part is left or right because some of the photos are taken from the front or the back. Is it the same as watching TV or looking at a mirror?

How do I use the Recognise App?

What technology will I need to do an online course?

What course follows Explain Pain?

Help – I have lost my certificate!

Do I get a certificate with an online course?

Where can I order products from in Europe?

What if I don’t receive any emails?

Finding a clinician/health professional

Questions to ask a clinician

Orders within Australia

Remote delivery – Australia

Returns and refunds

audiobook & ebook instructions

Who can attend Explain Pain?

Returns and refunds

Order tracking – Outside Australia

Order tracking – Australia


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