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Getting out of the wrong side of the bed. A Pain Story

By Noigroup HQ Pain literacy education, Pain Stories 21 Oct 2021

Practise creating your own Pain Stories to illustrate Target Concepts – the key ideas helpful for everyone to understand pain.⁠ Here’s one that we prepared using the Target Concepts:
1. Pain relies on context
2. Pain depends on the balance of danger and safety
3. Pain is one of many protective outputs

Getting out of the wrong side of the bed

Sometimes we find ourselves snapping at our loved ones for little or no (known) reason. They might ask, “What’s wrong?” and all we can muster is a curt, “Nothing!”

Perhaps you got out of the wrong side of the bed – proverbially speaking.

We find that pain can behave in similar ways. For little or no (known) reason, pain and the other symptoms that are a part of your pain experience can behave more irritably.

Like our mood, pain can fluctuate, and this is a normal part (or expression) of an ongoing experience.

Tim Beames and the Noigroup Europe team

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