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Product Type: Videos

For the very first time, Noigroup is offering its most popular course, Explain Pain, in a fully on-demand format, allowing you to watch, re-watch and learn in a way that works just for you. Explain Pain On Demand is the full two-day course – that’s 13+ hours of recorded material, four hours of which are brand new content! The first sessions introduce you to pain definitions, pain data framework and the notion of complexity. Then, expect to dive deep into nociception vs. pain, inflammation, neuropathic pain, processing changes, neuroimmune interactions, and language. New content covers the endocrine system, stress and pain and links these vital topics to chronic pain and clinical implications, and also introduces broad strategies for pain treatment and management that are available to all health professionals regardless of discipline: moving, eating, and sleeping well.

Together with the professional high-quality videos, you will receive a comprehensive electronic workbook and a carefully curated reading list of the essential papers referenced in each of the 10 sessions – over dozens of full articles to support your learning when you want to take a deeper dive.  *Please note some papers referenced may not be accessible check the list here.


CEUs are not available for this course.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, you will have:

  1. Built a deep understanding of the complexity of the human experience of pain.
  2. Developed a comprehensive knowledge base around three key biological systems – the nervous, endocrine and neuroimmune systems, and their common links with pain.
  3. Constructed essential connections between the presented biology and evidence-based clinical approaches to treating and managing pain.
  4. Gained vital insight into translating ‘bench science to the bedside’.
  5. Revolutionised your thinking and updated your language about the experience of pain and learned how to use the Protectometer as a central assessment, educational, planning and treatment tool.
Tim graduated from the University of South Australia in 1998 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy). He commenced work in private practice immediately after graduating and spent the next eight years learning about life and people in the outer, industrial suburbs of Adelaide. Tim joined Noigroup full-time in 2014 and worked as the Chief Operating Officer and lead Australasian Instructor until 2023. During this time, Tim has been diligently maintaining the relevance of the Explain Pain course, and has been responsible for training faculty in teaching Explain Pain.

“Tim’s presentation was by far the most engaging of any PD I have been to in the last 17 years! A great balance of natural humour, respect of participants and explanation of key concepts throughout the course – Tim is an exceptional presenter!”

“Tim is such a captivating and engaging presenter, he held my full attention and focus over the span of 3 days which is rather impressive! He was able to link concepts together well, provided great practical examples and ways of integrating new knowledge into clinical practice.”


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