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Product Type: Print book

Handbook story on video

For: People experiencing pain

The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer is a key element in the Explain Pain toolkit. An easily accessible book for people experiencing pain, it introduces the ‘Protectometer’ – a ground breaking pain treatment tool. This handbook – your personal workbook – helps you understand your personal pain formula, identify your DIMs (Danger in Me) and SIMs (Safety in Me) and provides six clear strategies for recovery from pain. Discover more about DIMs and SIMs and the Protectometer on the noijam blog.

The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer is a stand-alone resource but if you want to delve deeper, Explain Pain Second Edition is the ideal companion with clear links provided throughout.

Noigroup Publications (2015), 48 pages, illustrations and diagrams, softcover
Principal illustrator: David Blaiklock

Product update: Feedback was indicating that the sticky notes (affectionately known as the ‘Protectonotes’) weren’t often used, to avoid this wastage we have replaced the notes with QR access to a downloadable Protectometer sheet which can be printed as needed.


I just wanted to say what a massive help your book has been. I finally have a way to talk to my patient about pain, cleaning up their language, showing them the images. It’s made such a difference to my practice and my patients.

Tambu, UK

I'm a physical therapist and this book has helped my patients with chronic pain. It's a good workbook that helps people to systematically identify and deal with origins of chronic pain - very helpful for migraines and phantom pain.

Teresa, USA

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