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Product Type: Print book

For: Clinicians

This is the ultimate Explain Pain resource for clinicians and researchers. For the first time, educational science, conceptual change theory, metaphor use and curriculum development has been brought together specifically for health professionals delivering Explain Pain. In Explain Pain Supercharged Lorimer and David provide a comprehensive basis for the optimal treatment of pain, merging the latest science with educational strategies.

Chapters include a deep dive into pain science, deep learning strategies, transformative metaphor, and curriculum development, giving you both the knowledge and the ‘how to’ of Explain Pain.

Explain Pain Supercharged is jam-packed with entirely original content giving all health professionals everything needed to provide effective, individualised pain education and treatment and integrate Explain Pain and the Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer. 71 Neuroscience Nuggets, 15 Novellas and 4 comprehensive, targeted Explain Pain curricula have been provided, along with the framework to implement them into any treatment program.

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Every health care professional should grab this with both hands. The more you know, the more you can ease the suffering of the patients in your care.

Barbara, Canada

The book gave me ways to better explain pain and to make sure I deconstruct my patient’s (and my own) negative and wrong beliefs about pain. I highly recommend this book to any medical professional, not just those treating chronic pain.

Tarina, United States of America

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