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Explain Pain Assessment Visualised – Question 5

By Timothy Cocks Uncategorized 25 May 2018

infographic 5 - wher does the learner currently seek health knowledge

Next question from the Explain Pain Assessment Eight Great Questions – Where does the learner currently seek health knowledge? Easy to ask in a number of ways, this will also give you some extra information on Questions 2, 3 and 4.

Perhaps the key piece of information is whether you are up against a formidable opponent in the education stakes. Is there a powerful and credible source – a person, a TV show with a name-brand ‘doctor’ or maybe a website with a celebrity backer selling jade eggs and miracle detox scrubs – that you are going to be battling with?

Are you ready? Is it a battle worth having? Are you credible? How will you make your science-based message attractive – if a credible (to the learner) source is offering a miracle bath, brace, pop or pill, how will you convince them that active engagement, patience and perseverance are needed?

Or maybe you’ll find an ally – what a difference this can make.


Knowledge Driving Health


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