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Explain Pain Supercharged

Supercharge your understanding and treatment of pain

Moseley and Butler's brand new book is for all health professionals treating pain. The authors apply their unique style to take the neuroimmune science of pain further and deeper.

Explain Pain Supercharged will provide you with:

  • Entirely original content
  • Applicable educational strategies
  • Curriculum development
  • Hundreds of ready to use clinical metaphors and therapeutic narratives.

This book is jam-packed with everything you need to provide effective, memorable, evidence-based, individualised pain education and treatment.

"One theme that has emerged time and time again is the need for another resource... Many have pleaded in frustration for something that takes them beyond Explain Pain but doesn’t put them to sleep or intimidate the whoopsies out of them. So here it is, Explain Pain Supercharged."

Moseley & Butler, 2017

Book Review [Physiospot, 2 July 2017]

Noigroup Publications (2017), 244 pages, 90+ illustrations and diagrams, half-canadian wire bound. ISBN:978-0-6480227-0-1

Authors: Prof G. Lorimer Moseley and Dr David S. Butler

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