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*Joshua Pate received the Tess Cramond Prize for excellence in trainee-led research – awarded to the author who is deemed to have produced the best abstract and oral presentation at APS2023.*

Book 4 in the ‘Zoe and Zak’s Pain Hacks‘ toolkit for treating children with chronic (persistent) pain: Zak Zoppins Trains his Brain – I Can Retrain My Body and Brain! In this book, Zak explains to Zoe how he is retraining his body and his brain with his action-packed action plan – he is getting back to school! Zoe wonders whether she could use a similar plan for her tummy pain?

Join Zoe and Zak Zoppins to learn how pain science can be AMAZING! Pain is complex and can be difficult to talk about, especially persistent pain – pain that has persisted for longer than expected. Zoe and Zak’s Pain Hacks is a series of five books designed to help children learn and talk about pain with their family, friends, teachers and health professionals. The first four books each address one key target concept, the fifth book brings these learning outcomes together with an empowering action plan. Used together, these books are targeted pain science education at its best.

Clinicians, educational experts, and researchers from around the world have reviewed and endorsed these books as helping educators to work effectively with children challenged by persistent pain. This book series can help:

Children living with chronic pain
• to learn about their body’s incredible protective system
• to feel acknowledged and validated in their experiences
• to actively engage with school, sports, family and friends

Parents and caregivers
• to develop an understanding of the complexity of pain
• to encourage evidence-based discussions with children
• to help children thrive

Clinicians working with paediatric chronic pain
• to have up-to-date and targeted resources that will form the foundation for pain education
• to easily integrate the latest neuroscience into pain treatment programs

School teachers
• to guide children experiencing pain through strategies to maximise class participation
• to promote wellbeing and resilience for all children through the lens of pain

Carefully produced as a complete learning journey, we highly recommend using as a full set. However, due to many requests, we are now selling these books individually as replacements, and for parents recommended a particular book by their clinician. Book 5 is the summary and ‘Action Plan’ so is recommended to accompany any choice of books one to four.

Noigroup Publications
Joshua W. Pate
ISBN 978-0-9873426-0-7
Hardcover, 28pp.


‘This epidemic of pain that we have right through childhood, through adolescence and adulthood, I think the ultimate prevention must come down to education, and education at a young age. It makes so much sense to intervene early. We have seen benefits from early education in other health issues, so why not get in there with pain.’ 

David Butler, 2022


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