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Product Type: Print book

This book is not just for understanding pain and perception. It does more than just distil immensely complicated science into a delightfully fun and thought-provoking book – it facilitates a greater sense of empathy for those who experience pain or anyone who just cannot see/experience the world the way you do. This is a book for absolutely anyone and everyone.

What can illusions teach us about pain? Is what we see, hear, and feel as simple as it appears to be? The modern science of perception has unearthed new ways to think about pain – as an experience that has multi-sensory and multi-factorial underpinnings. Leading pain researchers, Dan Harvie and Lorimer Moseley, walk us through this science by interacting with illusions that challenge our assumptions on how perception actually works. A visually stunning, fun and accessible read to help anyone better understand and respond to pain.

Here is what you can expect to learn:

  • What illusions tell us about our perceptions
  • Pain and perception are personal, but always real
  • Perception involves assumptions to fill gaps
  • Pain and perception depend on everything going on in and around you
  • With pain and perception, what you get is influenced by what you expect to get
  • Changing our perspective can change our perceptions

Further reading: ‘The (new) book we didn’t know we needed’ by Anna Vogelzang and Dan Harvie

Noigroup Publications
Daniel S. Harvie & G. Lorimer Moseley
ISBN 978-0-6480227-5-6
Hardcover, 46pp



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