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Product Type: Videos

Cartilage is a complex beast; it is dynamic and bioplastic. A truly modern understanding of osteoarthritis offers hope for possible improvement and recovery. The secret is finding The Sweet Zone for physical activity, understanding the many things that can influence our joint health, and providing a compelling educational narrative that gets people excited and confident about moving again as they regain function and quality of life.

In this series of high-quality videos, Professor Tasha Stanton, Dr Felicity Braithwaite and guests take you through the most up-to-date cartilage biology and a modern understanding of osteoarthritis, with over 5 hours of professionally produced, high-quality content. This osteoarthritis and cartilage mini-course will give you exciting, up-to-date science, modern theory, and practical steps to help your clients with osteoarthritis achieve better outcomes. You will have the key educational narratives and the confidence to apply these groundbreaking ideas, hot from the research, into your clinical work immediately.

What’s included: Life-long access to over 5 hours of high-quality video. Downloadable PDF handouts of slides and resources.

Who is it for: All therapists and clinicians working with people with osteoarthritis who are looking for a modern, active, science-based approach to achieving better outcomes

No CEUs and certificates will be awarded for this course.


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