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Product Type: Print book

Pre-order due November 2023. Orders of multiple products which include this book will not be posted until all books are in stock. To split the order contact us.

For: Anyone with painful knee osteoarthritis (OA), whether you have had treatment or surgery, or not.

Find everything you need to start your recovery. Learn how to use the 3 Critical Ingredients, the ground-breaking Protectometer tool, and how to design an exercise and management program that is right for you. Internationally renowned pain and movement experts – Professor Lorimer Moseley and Associate Professors David Butler and Tasha Stanton – will guide you back into life, be more active with less pain and stiffness, and feel happier.

Knee OA is the most common joint problem on earth, and it stops millions of people from doing the things they love. Researchers worldwide are making remarkable discoveries, and the scientific community are now calling for an update on how we treat and think about knee OA. Be surprised and empowered by the new story of knee OA. This story is about not just your joints, but also your inflammatory system, your internal protection systems, your knowledge and your activity levels.

Pre-order for November, or available immediately via OPTP USA as Epiphaknee: The Modern Approach to Knee Osteoarthritis

Noigroup Publications (2023), 96 pages, illustrations and diagrams, softcover
Authors: GL Moseley, DS Butler, TR Stanton
Illustrator: Sandra Broman


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