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Top posts of 2016 so far …

By Hayley Leake Education for all 23 Jun 2016

Down here in the southern hemisphere the winter solstice has passed and we are all pretty excited about the daylight hours slowly getting longer. To celebrate this (almost) halfway point to the year, we’d like to recap the top 5 Noijam posts of 2016 so far.


  1. Two knees and a hip

Exploring John Barbis’ recent hip replacement – an interview with Dave Butler. His personal reflection on the preparation, the surgery and the rehab process.


  1. Worn out trainers – Neuroscience Nugget

A nifty little neuroscience nugget to use in the clinic from our friend Wouter Ramboer – powering up the concept of active graded exposure activity using the metaphor of worn out trainers and shoe glue.


  1. Clever Apps and Smart Devices

The Launch of The Protectometer App – merging pain education that you can touch, manipulate and personalise, with Challenges that encourage behavioural activation, contextual graded activity and deep exploration of thoughts and beliefs. The competition is almost finished but there’s still time to add a Challenge to win the App!


  1. Summer is coming – Frozen Shoulder

Untangling the scary, metaphorical diagnosis of frozen shoulder while reflecting on some recent reviews looking at links with metabolic syndromes, low grade inflammation and psychological stress.


  1. Thought viruses

Our March Noinote was a big hit! An introduction to Thought Viruses, “things that we hear, think or say that are scary and threatening – they are nearly always incorrect, but can be powerful enough to maintain or even increase your pain.” There’s even a clever little video to unpack the idea for you.




– Hayley Leake



We’re hitting the road and taking our NOI courses right across this great southern land:

Wagga Wagga 16-17 July Explain Pain

(NEW) Gold Coast 30 Sept – 2 October: Explain Pain and Graded Motor Imagery

Perth 15 – 17 October: Explain Pain and Graded Motor Imagery


EP3 events have sold out three years running in Australia, and we are super excited to be bringing this unique format to the United States in late 2016 with Lorimer Moseley, Mark Jensen, David Butler, and few NOI surprises.

EP3 EAST Philadelphia, December 2, 3, 4 2016

EP3 WEST Seattle, December 9, 10, 11 2016

To register your interest, contact NOI USA:

p (610) 664-4465



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