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The cabbie cortex : Jason

By Noigroup HQ The Cabbie Cortex 02 Feb 2014

Prospect, Launceston to the Launceston Airport –   $13.90.

How do you think the brain works?

Jason: “ I reckon you should be asking why don’t brains work for some people.  [laughs].    I dunno really.  Probably like the electrics in a car.  Put on the accelerator and she looks like she just goes, but there’s a lot more going on inside than that.    If something goes wrong with one part  and you don’t get it fixed or do something about it well it   puts pressure on the rest  and you end up  breaking down.   My mother had a breakdown years ago.  Know how she got on top of it?  [I responded with no tell me]  She put herself in senior school.  I thought she was losing it but she says the  best thing for it is to keep learning new stuff.  It’s like petrol,  keeps you going and keeps you young I suppose.”
The cabbie cortex is a section of noijam where people send in their responses to asking taxi drivers how the brain might work. We have a growing collection of responses, providing an insight into the how the public views brain function. There are some great teaching metaphors too! Send yours to


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