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Thanks New Zealand


We have just finished a series of Explain Pain and GMI courses in New Zealand – all packed to overflowing. It’s come a long way since Lorimer Moseley and I had 9 people on our first Explain Pain course in Sydney 2003.

New Zealand has a population the same as Sydney or Toronto yet in New Zealand we fill courses again and again that Sydney would struggle with. I believe that New Zealand has the greatest uptake of Explain Pain and GMI material than anywhere on earth.

The New Zealanders have a straight forward, down to earth, no nonsense approach to things plus a healthy respect for fresh ideas and hard work. Kiwis cut right through the bullshit! New Zealand is no place for pretensions. We think Kiwis have just what it needs to take on Explain Pain and Graded Motor Imagery..

It is exciting and heart warming to meet clinicians with such a deep and humble understanding of what we are trying to do.

Thanks for joining us on the ride


David Butler and Juliet Gore


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