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Great minds – Christof Koch

By Timothy Cocks Great minds 24 Dec 2013

A neuroscientist’s radical theory of how networks become conscious

It might be THAT time of year, but at noijam we’ve got you covered. If the conversation reaches a bit of a lull during lunch or dinner, why not ask that perennial question “What’s your stance on Panpsychism”

But before you do, have a read of this interview with neuroscientist Christof Koch in Wired UK magazine as he discusses his current ideas about consciousness.

Koch collaborated with Francis Crick (of the famous Crick and Watson, and another great mind) up until Crick’s death in 2004 on the problem of consciousness; searching for the NCC – the Neural Correlate of Consciousness.

However, with the recent release of his book  “Consciousness: Confessions of a Romantic Reductionist” in 2012, Koch has taken a rather dramatic stand for a neuroscientist and adopted a somewhat radical, philosophical position towards consciousness – that of panpsychism.

The Wired interview is a great read, and you can also find many interviews and presentations from Koch by searching YouTube.

Tim Cocks


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