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Get chicked!

By David Butler Metaphor and language, Education for all 11 Feb 2014

I am doing a short teaching tour in the US, partly sponsored by the women’s health section of the American Physical Therapy Association. One of our NOI teachers, Jennifer Martin, is involved in a great movement – the CHICKED movement. To be ‘chicked’  is to be passed by a female athlete but as they say on , Chicked focusses on ’empowering female athletes, professionals and life givers to get out and compete in all aspects of the game of life’.

The organisation sells athletic wear and it’s non profit. I love the slightly irreverent, fun, and sexy message, all aimed at greater gender equality. There is a shirt for the boys too – “I just got chicked and I like it”. Check it out on  and the images below.

Go girls!



chicked 7 chicked 2  chicked 4  chicked 6


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