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EP3 2016 is shaping up

By Noigroup HQ Education for all 11 Dec 2015


Early bird pricing and packages ending soon

EP3 2016 is shaping up and getting ready to hit Glenelg beach from 1 April 2016.

Here’s a few things we’d thought you’d like to know:

The early bird pricing ends 16 December 2015 – that’s only a few days away! You can still get a great discount on this three-day extravaganza of pain sciences, but you’ll need to be quick.

Click here to purchase your ticket online or here for other ticket purchasing options.

The special early bird EP3 and PainAdelaide packages have nearly sold out. Lorimer and the gang at PainAdelaide very generously allocated us 40 PainAdelaide tickets for our pre-sale and they’re nearly all gone. This deal also runs out on 16 December, but the last remaining tickets will probably be gone by then so don’t wait.

Click here to purchase your package tickets online, or here for other package purchasing options.

An early program outline

Here’s a juicy taste of what our superstar guests will be serving up:

Frank Keefe – Editor-in-Chief of Pain, Psychologist

The very latest clinically applicable Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sciences, and other novel psychosocial interventions for pain

Coping skills training workshop

Ten rules of engagement and the art of homework

Getting the other half involved – the power and potential of involving partners in therapy

 Giando Iannetti– Professor of Neuroscience

Neurophysiology for dummies – what do brain recordings actually mean?

Commentary, critique and questions on brain imaging of pain:

Pain signatures? Brain markers for chronic pain? Specificity of brain networks? The insula as a pain centre?

Peripersonal defensive space – what is it, how do we measure it and what does it mean in clinical settings

Mark Hutchinson – Professor of Neuroimmunopharmacology and Director of the Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics

At the bleeding edge – Nanoscale BioPhotonics, what is it and what might it tell us about the brain and pain?

Neuroimmunology for idiots

Opioids and the immune system

A neuroimmunopharmacologist’s recommendations for treating chronic pain and why.

Lorimer Moseley – Professor of Clinical Neurosciences and Chair in Physiotherapy

Power and influence – the fundamental principles that govern how networks of brain cells subserve what we feel, think and do, how we can exploit these principles to promote recovery, and explain it all to our patients.

Explaining acute pain and acute on chronic – optimised reassurance, exploiting radiology for conceptual gain, recruiting and managing expectations.

Critical updates in EP, GMI, and training the brain for chronic pain.

David Butler – Director of Noigroup, Associate Professor UniSA

Bringing it all together and taking it to the battlefront

DIMs, SIMs and The Protectometer, a practical session

The diagnostic and transformative power of metaphor

15 years of explaining pain and training the brain – pitfalls, problems and pearls.

Things are moving and progressing so quickly in this field that these might change –  our speakers will be bringing the most up to date clinically applicable research findings, and exciting new content to EP3.

We’re planning a few special NOI surprises for the lunch time activities, but we can let out a little secret that one will involve the integration of the latest technology and 15 years of pain science research in our brand new Apps!

You really don’t want to miss this once in a lifetime, novel educational program!


Click here to purchase your tickets online, or here for other ticket purchasing options.


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