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Calling all clinicians

By Timothy Cocks Science and the world 16 Sep 2014

Tory Madden is a PhD candidate at the Body in Mind group. She’s written some cracking posts for the BiM blog that have all generated great discussions.

Tory is currently looking for some help with her research and would like any practising clinicians with a few spare minutes to complete a quick survey, in her own words:


I am a PhD candidate, and I’m currently researching how acute pain might become chronic. As a clinician, you will know how important this question is. 

I’m looking for nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, doctors, occupational therapists, and other professionals who see patients/clients within a clinical healthcare context to take a quick survey – it should take only 5 minutes.

Take the survey HERE

Please feel to spread the word about this survey, I’m hoping to gather data from all types of healthcare clinicians from across the world.

Thank you for helping me!

Tory Madden


The survey really only does take a few minutes, and once you’ve completed it you’ll have the instant satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to some cutting edge pain science research.

-Tim Cocks


At noigroup we actively support pain research in numerous ways. From promoting and raising the awareness of the research of our friends, contributing to, and assisting with research via our online tools such as Recognise™, and directly funding research. A proportion of all noigroup course fees and product sales goes directly to funding research that will make a difference in the lives of people experiencing persistent pain.


  1. davidbutler0noi

    Thanks Tim and Tory

    I hope all our readers can do this quick survey. Big numbers really help.


  2. Just a quick thanks to all of those that have completed Tory’s survey. There’s been a huge response and this will really help Tory’s research.

  3. Thanks so much to everyone who has read this post and done the survey! It really helps to have your views represented in the results. The survey will be open until Monday; please encourage anyone else you know to complete it. We are particularly short on nurses and occupational therapists, and we don’t want to miss out on their thoughts! Again, THANK YOU for helping us out here.

  4. Hello noijammers, THANK YOU for all your help with my survey: I know you are all busy people, and I really appreciate your time. The survey has now been closed, and I will let you know about the results once they have been processed (which could take a while)…

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