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Bull markets and pain metaphors. A Pain Story

By Noigroup HQ Education for all, Pain Stories 07 Oct 2020

Explain Pain Online courses have come as a revelation to NOI. We were all a little unsure at first, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from dozens of courses around the globe.

All of NOI’s courses have a strong focus on engagement and interaction, but the NOI instructor group looked at the opportunity of the online courses to double down again on peer interaction and making sure there is ample opportunity for participants to discuss and do, not just listen. The online Explain Pain courses have frequent break-out sessions of small groups that allow easy online discussion and completion of guided tasks.

The following metaphor for pain came from Tim Beames‘ recent Explain Pain Online, and is just one example of the brilliant ideas that come out of these online collaborations between multi-professional therapists who share a passion for learning and improving the outcomes for their clients.

The Stock Market

If you invest in the stock market (or have heard or seen the news), you’ll know that the prices of stocks and shares vary over time. In much the same way, the pain that someone experiences will vary over time.

Influences near and Far

The stock market is influenced by a great number of things, both close to home (the availability of materials used in the manufacturing process within a company) and also more globally (major world events such as a pandemic influencing the confidence in the market and movement of money).

Above is an example of how global events can affect the value of the stock market. The graph offers a striking image to understand change and variability in stock market value. And clearly something big happened late in March.

Investing in your own stocks and shares

Pain is also influenced by multiple factors, close to home and further afield. It varies over time, and for some people, it can change very dramatically. With the right input (understanding, treatment, support, etc.) pain and activity can improve over time, just as a clever investor investing in the right stocks will seek to have the value of their stocks and shares ride out the ups and downs and grow in the long run.

You can think of yourself as a stock market trader but your investment is in you – your own ‘stocks and shares’. As an investor you can expect times of unease, perhaps stressful events in your home life, but also times of steady growth (a ‘Bull Market’ in stock market language). You’ll need to pay attention to your investments, adapt and adjust your portfolio according to the events happening in the world around you. There will be times to sell (get rid of old strategies) and other times to re-invest (adopt new ideas and approaches). Some stocks are best for the long haul (healthy lifestyle and physical activity strategies) while others will be better for short term gains (‘hands on’ therapy).

With the right investment strategies, over time you will see an upward trend and improvement in both pain and your ability to regain meaningful activities in your life – have a look at the graph above which shows the overall upward trend of the stock market over time. Let’s review your current portfolio and how it is working for you!

Looking forward to seeing you online soon

NOI Group

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