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Beautiful Brains

By Timothy Cocks Science and the world 25 Jun 2014

Embroided Brains

We were enjoying and discussing the wonderful entrants and winners in this years Brain Art Competition run by the blog The Neuro Bureau.

As it turns out, one of our multi-talented noisters, Paula, was a finalist in an art competition a few years back that had a theme around ‘pain and pleasure’ and brains.

Her work, which adorns the top of this post, started with an MRI scan that was screen printed onto canvas and then hand embroidered. Not that I’m biased, but I reckon if Paula had entered the Neuro Bureau comp, she may well have had a good tilt at the winners.

-Tim Cocks

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  1. davidbutler0noi

    I love these embroidered images too- you can touch them, sense them and there is something special about hands constructing a brain.

    We often struggle with artisitic representations of modern views of how a brain might work. Three dimensional collective activity is not easy to show. Let us know if you have any ideas or examples.


  2. how about flagging up Betsan’s work here…
    Betsan told me about a researcher and knitter who knitted a brain …… similar to this

    or in Aus Neural knitworks
    inspiration may lead to this …….
    A lovely knitted brain to keep the head warm …..

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