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A first for neurodynamics

By David Butler Neurodynamics 28 Feb 2017

It’s a first! – A manual therapy seminar devoted to neurodynamics. And it is the Dutchies, even though they are only the second best country in the world, who have put it on.

Manual therapy has studiously avoided the nervous system, preferring to put its resources and energies into epiphenomena in target tissues such as joint stiffness, muscle imbalance and trigger points. It still does. Neurodynamics is a key element in the understanding of the nervous system. The astounding physical side of the nervous system should be an invitation to anyone interested in human movement. During movement, folds of myelin slide on each other, neurones bend and twist, the different connective tissue have different physical properties, CSF must move and replenish, areas of neuroglial interaction become stiff, the connective tissues are immunocompetent, lots of lubricin is required, movement of the head moves neural tissues in the lumbar spine … on it goes and it all has influences on physiology.


I recall a neurology lecturer at the University of Queensland telling me “you have a tiger by the tail there” after “Mobilisation of the Nervous System” in 1991. Get along to this conference – you may be surprised where you end up.

– David

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  1. How right you are David. Here in the U.K. I have become very disillusioned with the organisations that I belong to. Organisations that gave us all so much in the Eighties. Organisations that have stood still since then refusing to incorporate our present day knowledge of the brain and its neural networks throughout the body into its philosophy. No paradigm shift in site either ……

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