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Explain Pain Applications, Adelaide

With Bart van Buchem , Tim Cocks


December 6, 2019

Course Host: Fran Ammirato

fran@noigroup.com | +61 (0)8 8211 6388

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Explain Pain Applications is a brand new, one day course for anyone who has ever tried to Explain Pain.

Location: 19 North Street, Adelaide.  Take this rare opportunity to soak up the unique atmosphere of NOI HQ and see where all the magic happens!

In a small workshop setting, we will establish an environment of reflection and learning where your experiences, successes and failures drive the discussion. Explain Pain Applications will allow you to reflect in a professional and supportive environment on what actually happened after you started explaining pain – both from your perspective and from that of the people you are Explaining Pain to.

Explain Pain Applications will provide you with new ideas, improve your EP delivery skills, enhance your ability to critically appraise your delivery and explore the emerging theories from learning and cognitive sciences. We will take a closer look at metaphors commonly used when Explaining Pain, their strengths and limitations, and how to adapt and adjust your language to maximise your outcomes.

You will have an opportunity to practice creating and presenting Explain Pain narratives and receive feedback from professional peers on style and content – challenging? Absolutely! But this will be a next level course aimed at those already well versed and experienced in Explaining Pain.

Explain Pain Applications will also present numerous interactive case studies (ours and yours) in various formats to provide further opportunity to practice developing, implementing, and assessing Explain Pain interventions.


In order to attend Explain Pain Applications, you will need to have attended an Explain Pain course somewhere in the world in the past and had at least 3 months of experience in delivering pain education in a clinical setting.

This will be a highly interactive workshop – no wallflowers! Come along ready to discuss, and to challenge and be challenged as you engage in deeper conceptual change.

The course is open to health professionals who meet the criteria above.


By the end of this course participants will have:

  1. Reflected on their experiences in delivering Explain Pain interventions and shared their experiences with professional peers in an open environment of support and learning
  2. Critically examined common metaphors used in Explaining Pain and workshopped strategies to adapt their language to improve outcomes
  3. Constructed and delivered brief Explain Pain interventions to peers and received constructive feedback
  4. Critically appraise various case studies, and construct and discuss biopsychosocial intervention plans.
  5. Developed Explain Pain strategies across a wide range of clinical scenarios
  6. Improved their ability to achieve enhanced clinical outcomes through confident application of Explain Pain

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Explain Pain Applications, Adelaide in on December 6, 2019

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NOI Instructor Netherlands

Language: Dutch, Region: Netherlands

Courses: Explain Pain—Begrijp de Pijn, EP Online NL(Begrijp de Pijn), Explain Pain Applications

Bart van Buchem

Bart lives in Haarlem where he works in private multidisciplinary practice (Praktijk Noorder Spaarne) and specialises in treating and supporting people with chronic pain. In 2010 Bart completed his Masters in Physiotherapy after which he developed a special interest in complex and persistent pain states. He is passionate about the benefits of pain education for both clinician and patient and he is currently involved in research at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, working on the development of an Explain Pain curriculum for clinicians and patients. This research includes a RCT in an CBT + Explain Pain intervention in order to fit the Explain Pain heritage in the usual care program of a multidisciplinary pain centre. In the near future he will be enrolled in a Phd program in order to get Explain Pain methodology to a higher level and even more applicable for the clinicians. Bart teaches physiotherapy both at undergraduate and postgraduate level with a focus on pain topics and as a NOI teacher he teaches Explain Pain courses across the Netherlands.
Bart is responsible for founding the NOI Faculty in the Netherlands and together with Mark Langerhorst he translated the ‘Explain Pain’ text into Dutch.

NOI Lead Instructor Australasia

Language: English, Region: Australasia

Courses: Graded Motor Imagery, AU 2020, Explain Pain, AU 2020, Graded Motor Imagery, Explain Pain, EP Online 2020, Explain Pain -Japan, Explain Pain Applications, Graded Motor Imagery – AU, Explain Pain – AU

Tim Cocks

Tim graduated from the University of South Australia in 1998 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy). He commenced work in private practice immediately after graduating and spent the next 8 years learning about life and people in the outer, industrial suburbs of Adelaide.

In 2005 Tim started delivering pain education program to clients of a local government agency which assisted injured job seekers find employment. In 2006 Tim was enticed to join the organisation, CRS Australia, to develop and deliver a range of health education programs. A move back to private industry in 2008 as an allied health consultant culminated in Tim being nominated for and winning the Health and Rehabilitation Individual Achievement award at the state wide WorkCover SA Recovery and Return to Work Awards.

Tim joined NOI full time in 2014 and continues as the lead Australasian NOI Instructor, International Faculty Manager, and contributing editor to the NOI blog, noijam.com, while assisting with research and development of NOI books and products. Tim was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia and continues to reside there with his wife, three children, two cats and a dog.

“Tim’s presentation was by far the most engaging of any PD I have been to in the last 17 years! A great balance of natural humour, respect of participants and explanation of key concepts throughout the course – Tim is an exceptional presenter!”

“Tim is such a captivating and engaging presenter, he held my full attention and focus over the span of 3 days which is rather impressive! He was able to link concepts together well, provided great practical examples and ways of integrating new knowledge into clinical practice.”


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