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EP3 is back!

We're delighted to be bringing this popular, powerful and fun event back in 2025! One of the top small conferences in the pain science community that anyone passionate about pain science can join.

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Noigroup courses employ contemporary educational strategies to deliver a deep understanding of pain and its treatment. Choose from a range of online courses across different timezones and in different time formats so you can choose what fits best with your busy clinical schedules.

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Explicando El Dolor, Santiago

instructor: Amir Zará, Luis Henríquez, Carlos Lehuedé


03 Aug 2024 - 04 Aug 2024

Explain Pain Live Online, US

instructor: Ben Boyd, Jeff Winter

CA, United States

16 Aug 2024 - 18 Aug 2024

Explain Pain & Graded Motor Imagery 3-day course

instructor: Brendon Haslam


21 Aug 2024 - 23 Aug 2024

Explain Pain Online, AU

instructor: Brendan Mouatt


23 Aug 2024 - 25 Aug 2024

Explain Pain & Graded Motor Imagery course, Hunter Valley

instructor: Brendon Haslam

NSW, Australia

06 Sep 2024 - 08 Sep 2024

Explain Pain

instructor: Luke Bongiorno

Ontario, Canada

14 Sep 2024 - 15 Sep 2024

Mobilisation of the Neuroimmune System, Serbia

instructor: Tim Beames


14 Sep 2024 - 15 Sep 2024

Explain Pain (Schmerzen Verstehen) Online

instructor: Martina Egan-Moog


20 Sep 2024 - 29 Sep 2024

Bodily Relearning, Billings

instructor: Ben Boyd

MT, United States

21 Sep 2024 - 22 Sep 2024


explain pain

When you learn about pain you will hurt less. Explain Pain is ground-breaking and phenomenal force in the move to better understand, manage and prevent chronic pain.

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Management strategies for common syndromes using best evidence from basic sciences and outcomes data. NOI provides a practical guide to neurodynamic techniques for the clinic.

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Brain training

Graded Motor Imagery is an up to date rehabilitation programme based on the latest science and clinical trials to harness the power of neuroplasticity to treat complex pain and movement problems.

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