NOI's core philosophy is to create and provide evidence-based multimedia resources and courses for the treatment of pain.
NOI reinvests directly into ongoing research in pain literacy education, graded motor imagery and neurodynamics.
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Australia courses 2018

Warrnambool EP+GMI, April 27-29, Cocks
Newcastle (FULL) MONIS, May 5-6, Coppieters
Bendigo EP+GMI, May 25-27
Egan-Moog & Haslam
Noosaville (FULL) EP+GMI June 15-17
Butler & Cocks
Cairns EP+GMI August 10-12, Tim Cocks
Perth EP+GMI Sept 7-9, Tim Cocks

Parramatta EP+GMI Oct 5-7
Cocks & Butler
Mildura EP+GMI Oct 19-21, Tim Cocks

Melbourne EP3 November 9-11

EP3 at the G

O'Sullivan | Moseley | Butler
NOI is bringing together Peter O'Sullivan, Lorimer Moseley and David Butler for a huge EP3 event in November 2018 at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground, better known as 'the G'. Tickets are smashing themselves out the park - don't be caught out!

International courses 2018

Ghent BEL, EP April 20-21, Bart van Buchem
Ghent BEL, MONIS April 20-21, Michel Coppieters
Rheinfelden CHE, Mob. Nervensystems, April 20-22, Wicki
Livermore CA USA, EP April 21-22, Ben Boyd
Oswestry England, EP April 28-29, Ben Davies
Bad Zurzach CHE, Mob. Nervensystems, May 4-6, Stam

Lihue HI USA, EP May 5-6, Luke Bongiorno

Bucharest ROM, MONIS May 19-20, Tim Beames

Zandvoort NLD, EP May 25-26, Bart van Buchem

Bournemouth UK, EP June 2-3, Tim Beames

Sayre PA USA, EP+GMI June 1-3, Matt Heintzelman
Givat Haim Ihud ISR, EP June 6-7, T Beames
Quarto D'Altino VE ITA, EP June 23-24, Tim Beames

Ulm DEU, Mob. Nervensystems, June 29-31, Wicki

Toronto CAN, EP September 22-23, Matt Heintzelman

Toronto CAN, MONIS Oct 13-14, Robert Johnson

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