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Pain Science in Practice 2024


Lorimer Moseley presenting live in Vancouver, San Francisco and New York in 2024!

His talks are illuminating as always.

Entertaining and relevant. Phenomenal.

He does so well to make what can be dry material extremely interesting.

Mind blowing and gap filling. Able to directly apply.

Fantastic teacher. Love the way he gets the audience participation. That man is a genius.

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If you’re a health professional working with patients experiencing acute or chronic pain and stress, and you’re interested in the future of clinical practice, there’s no better source of insight than Professor Lorimer Moseley. With his last visit over four years ago and no future tours announced, now’s the chance to stay updated on cutting-edge research and how it directly impacts your daily clinical practice, ultimately improving outcomes for patients dealing with persistent pain. With this two-day course, you can expect:

  • Cutting-edge insights from Lorimer Moseley’s (and others) extensive peer-reviewed research (over 400 publications!)
  • Practical guidance on employing pain science discoveries to facilitate your patients’ recovery from chronic pain.
  • Mastery of contemporary pain education strategies, including the Fit-for-purpose model and the Resolve approach to care.
  • Access to new resources and clinical tools designed to optimize your therapeutic interventions.
  • Strategies to effectively enable and empower your patients to progress beyond their pain.
  • An opportunity to refine your understanding of pain science, thus amplifying your educational influence in clinical settings.

This course will sharpen your understanding and maximise your educational impact. Expect two fun and challenging days designed to take you to the next level of confidence and competence in treating people with chronic pain!

CEUs = 14.5 applicable to this course (in most US states) for more information click here


Lorimer Moseley AO

Lorimer is Bradley Distinguished Professor, Professor of Clinical Neurosciences and Foundation Chair in Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia. He has over 30 years of clinical experience working with people in persistent pain, has authored hundreds of articles, multiple books and chapters and continues to present keynote lectures globally. His community outreach and community education initiatives are internationally renowned. His work is cited in clinical guidelines internationally. He is an honoured member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, an Honorary Fellow of the ANZCA Faculty of Pain Medicine and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences. In 2020, he was made an Officer of the Order of Australia, Australia’s second highest civilian honour, for ‘distinguished service to humanity at large in the fields of pain and its management, science communication, education and physiotherapy.

Previous event participant testimonials:

This is the meaty stuff I come to conferences for, pain science is hard to understand and hearing it in detail from Lorimer really cements my confidence and gives me the extra grit to answer those really tough questions that pop up over time. I also can’t get enough of Lorimer’s obvious passion for his work, his humility and patience with explaining pain over and over again. He leads by example – modelling the patience and nurturing all of the tiny pain knowledge trees out there.

Considering the complexities in these topics, they could have been so dry but Lorimer’s unique and entertaining style help so much with staying engaged.

I appreciated Lorimer’s passion and ability to conceptualise neuroscience in such an accessible way. I appreciated his descriptions and passion about the magnitude of the problem of chronic pain management.

Course Schedule [PDF]

DAY 1 – AM

  • Introduction, expectations, objectives, ice breakers, definitions (30 mins)
  • Modern pain science education – the essential pain facts and where they came from (90)
  • Key learning theories to guide pain education – targeting and evaluating learning (90)

DAY 1 – PM

  • Essential pain facts 1 – 2:
    – Peripheral sensitization
    – Pain system hypersensitivity  (90)
  • Essential pain facts 3 – 4:
    – Modulators of pain system sensitivity
    – Mediators of pain system sensitivity (90)
  • Discussion/problem-solving

DAY 2 – AM

  • Recap (30 mins)
  • The ‘Fit for Purpose’ model (90)
  • Practical tools to promote learning:
    – Virtual reality
    – The Protectometer
    – Role plays
    – Class activities (90)

DAY 2 – PM

  • Assessing and refining body-related neural networks (90)
  • Graded movement and loading
    Using the Protectometer to optimize adaptation (90)
  • Discussion/problem solving/questions (30)

Note: The schedule is subject to minor changes.

To make the experience even more enriching, why not attend with a colleague? A ‘study buddy’ can keep you motivated and accountable (and halve the coffee runs). It could also make networking easier and less intimidating, potentially resulting in more connections than you would make on your own. Then, back in the office, you can debate your takeaways and hold each other accountable for implementing the promising ideas generated during the event! Tickets will be limited, so if you are keen to attend, please don’t hesitate.

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