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The self-lubricating animal story

By David Butler Metaphor and language, Education for all 03 Aug 2018

One of our most popular blogs in 2015 was “We Are Self-Lubricating Animals”,  which is now Neuroscience Nugget #49 in Explain Pain Supercharged. 


While reading and watching, contemplate the building of story-power  to make it more  memorable, retrievable and useful in various contexts. For example, ‘self-lubrication’ is such a powerful personal and onomatopoeic and ideophonetic term that it is worth repeating, the story engages participants from two angles as  the quality of lubricin can be altered by impaired movement and psychological status. It has enactive power as it suggests you can do something about grotty lubricin and because the story has film and verbal delivery, thus using multi sensory channels, the likelihood of brain embedding is better.



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