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The eight great Explain Pain assessment questions – Visualised

By Noigroup HQ Education for all 20 Apr 2018

We’ve previously shared a series on The Eight Great Questions in the Explain Pain Assessmentfrom Explain Pain Supercharged. Everyone loved them – and why not – eight simple, powerful ideas to help elicit key information to make your Explain Pain interventions more targeted and relevant to the individual in front of you.

Now, our in-house artist and designer extraordinaire, Alison, has reimagined each question in eight original, novel, and stunning works that are as memorable as they are educational.

Here’s the first one – grab it, download it, print it, share it, and stick it on a wall in your clinic to remind you of the power of asking the right questions.

Click on the image for a hi-res version to download, print, share, and stick on a wall


*Eight links there if you hover carefully, nothing hiding in a full stop…

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