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Neuroscience nugget #45: Let the light in

I can recall an elderly neurologist presenting an undergraduate lecture in the early ’70s on peripheral nerve problems.  I remember it because of a comment  “Somehow you guys have to let a bit of light, a bit of air into the peripheral nerves”. I have used this piece of figurative language frequently in clinical storytelling, especially within the field of neurodynamics.  The nervous system is bloodthirsty – it is only about 3% of body weight yet it will consume 20% or more of the available oxygen. There is more on ischaemia in Explain Pain, but for now, here is a clinical story on letting the light in – number 45 out of  71 educational nuggets and 15 novellas from Explain Pain Supercharged:

‘Let the light in’, narrated by David Butler

– David

Useful Links

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