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Hot damn, our top jams – 2020 edition

By Noigroup HQ Education for all 21 Dec 2020

Despite the temptation NOT to look back on the year that was for the world, the year that was for noijam still contains some noteworthy milestones and contributions.

  1. Reaching 650 blog posts – thank you to all contributors and readers!
  2. Noijam relocated into the house to combine all Noigroup information, and links between, under one roof. URL diversion will happen automatically.
    Old home:
    New home:
  3. More language contributions and categorising by language for easy locating by our audiences in regions with primary language other than English.
  4. Some popular posts on hot topics, here are the top 5…

Our hottest ‘jams:

1. A glittery, free pain resource

Dr Emma Karran’s excellent pain resource based on her GLITtER (Green Light Imaging Interpretation to Enhance Recovery) collaborative project with Return to Work South Australia. And yes it is free 🙂

2. The challenge of surgical masks for physiotherapists

Noigroup colleagues Bernhard Taxer (Austria) and Harry von Piekartz (The Netherlands) consider some possible consequences for therapists treating people experiencing pain.

3. To change, or not to change?

A revisit of Lorimer Moseley’s and David Butler’s 2015 paper –Fifteen Years of Explaining Pain: The Past, Present and Future– with an emphasis on the misconceptions that have arisen around the notion of teaching people about their pain.

4. Talking nerve root pain with David Butler 

Excerpts from a recorded conversation between David Butler and Tom Jesson – a physiotherapist with a passion for lumbar radicular pain.

5. CRPS and somatosensory cortex – time for a rethink?

Via a paper published in the journal of Neuroscience (2019), Noigroup looks at the current understanding of, and treatment rationale for, CRPS.


‘Tis the end of the year and, like you all, we’re absolutely most definitely looking forward to a small break and the possibilities a new year can bring. We are truly grateful for your support of our efforts in bringing pain science education to all corners of the globe. From all of the Noigroup staff in Adelaide – our best wishes in health and happiness and we are looking forward to our continued association in 2021!


Please note the HQ office is now closed, reopening on Tuesday 12, January 2021. We appreciate your patience during possible freight delays on hard copy orders, however our digital resources are all able to be sent and received via the airwaves! Online courses are also still able to be booked during this time.

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