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Product Type: eBook

For: Clinicians

Graded Motor Imagery (GMI) is an evidence based, graded, brain training programme which accesses the virtual body in the brain. It is useful for a wide range of chronic pain states where the central nervous system may be up-regulated, including osteoarthritis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, phantom pains and ‘non-specific’ spinal pains. GMI has given new hope to many people experiencing chronic pain.

GMI involves the use of Apps, Flashcards, motor imagery, mirrors and Explain Pain education. The Graded Motor Imagery Handbook covers the science and the evidence from clinical trials, explores clinical decision making and provides case studies, detailing treatment commencement and progression through the three stages of GMI. Recently updated, The Graded Motor Image Handbook is the ideal introduction to GMI, and the perfect accompaniment to the NOI Graded Motor Imagery course, run worldwide.

System requirements
  1. The Graded Motor Imagery Handbook ebook is in PDF format and can be viewed on any desktop or laptop computer, iPads updated to version 4.3 or newer, Amazon’s new Kindle DX or any device that supports PDF’s.
  2. Download Adobe PDF Reader (for computers)
  3. Make sure your internet browser is up to date (eg. Internet Explorer 7 or newer, Firefox 3.6 or newer).
  4. The Graded Motor Imagery Handbook ebook is 14MB
  5. Check that your computer/device meets the standards mentioned above before attempting to download any ebook.
  1. This ebook is locked. Under no circumstances can you print this ebook.
  2. Downloading the ebook is for personal use only. You cannot duplicate electronically, print, link to, forward, distribute or sell the file to another party.
  3. Once the purchase has been made the file will be available to you immediately via a link sent to your email account. Any delays would be due to electronic server disruptions.
  4. Once a payment transaction for this ebook has been successfully processed, the order cannot be cancelled.


FANTASTIC !! Was very excited to receive my book this morning and am absolutely delighted!! This is GMI made easy for everyone! Thank you again for yet another amazing product.

Rebecca, Australia

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