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David Bolton MCSP, MMACP, MSOM


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David Bolton

Back in the 20th century, before physiotherapy went University, I received my training within the Royal Army Medical Corp from the Army School of Physiotherapy, qualifying in 1971. In those days and up to the late 90s the profession was very much Guru led with little credible evidence to support the invaluable experiential learning of the Military domain. Having personally experienced the likes of Mennell, Cyriax, Stoddard, Kaltenborn, McKenzie, Grieve and Maitland, to name but a few, what I have observed over the years is that when the practitioner believed in the, then technique focused approach the treatment was mostly successful. When the belief went so did the effectiveness! Maybe this was the first signs of ‘context’ importance and the DIM SIM balance. In the 80s we were a little lost realising that even Maitland didn’t have all the answers, even though he was instinctively on the right track. Having discovered NOI in the late 80s new and refreshing light began to shine on the pit of persistent pain and suffering and the era of issues in the tissues verses centralisation began to emerge. It is an honour to be part of such an organisation which has changed the lives of thousands of people since its inception. My later role within NOI is somewhat more of an ambassador ‘guesting’ on courses and giving small tutorial type lectures to whoever will listen. My belief is that true conceptual change, in reference to pain and suffering, will only happen if we equally educate the general public and shame the medical professions into listening….

Languages: English, French, German & Italian Courses: MONIS

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