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Product Type: Flash Cards

This Collection includes 3 flashcard sets: 1 x foot, 1 x knee, 1 x back

A collection tailored specifically for clinicians working in management and rehabilitation of left/right discrimination (laterality) problems in the lower limb.

Even simple exercises may cause pain if your brain can’t recognise whether you are using your left or right side. Recognise is the first way to accurately measure the ability to recognise left and right body parts and movements, and to train your left/right discrimination as part of a comprehensive graded motor imagery (GMI) rehabilitation programme. GMI is a sequence of strategies including laterality restoration, motor imagery and mirror therapy – refer to the GMI ebook for background knowledge and instruction for the GMI process.

Each Flash card set consists of:

48 images (24 left and 24 matching right images) on durable plasticoated card
A non-permanent marker for writing on the reverse side of the cards
An instruction sheet with a reference list and suggestions of games to ‘retrain as you play’
All in a sturdy box/container

Flash card sets are also available individually for hand, foot, back, neck, shoulder and knee.

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