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Product Type: Poster

Explain Pain Poster Set

Though retaining a similar look and size, the artwork and text content has been thoroughly scrutinised to ensure alignment with the latest in Explain Pain education. Some key images and concepts from the Explain Pain range stand out as particularly useful in the recovery journey. The Explain Pain poster collection is designed to help you and your patients take that journey. The posters can be used in a pain peer group setting, in the waiting room of your clinic, or as an educational tool hanging on the clinic wall. They will help pain sufferers to make informed choices and guide them to recovery.

The four titles encourage empowerment: Take Control, Graded Activity, Thought Viruses and The Road to Recovery. 

Set of four posters, each A2 size (42cm x 60cm), plasticoated finish.David Butler talks you through the poster set (5 minutes).


We love the posters… very helpful teaching aid we use with our patients on a daily basis. We’ve really added to the effectiveness of our patient management through the use of these biopsychosocial models. Keep up the good work!

Matt, USA

I use the posters with great satisfaction for me and my patients. I also use your book ‘Explain Pain’ which is a very good pedagogical tool.

Johannes, Denmark

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