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Where to join us in Australia in 2018

By Noigroup HQ Uncategorized 30 Nov 2017

All across this great southern land

We’ve planned a big year for 2018 – as our plans stand so far, you’ll find us in Canberra, Warrnambool, Newcastle, Bendigo, Noosaville, Cairns, Perth, Parramatta (details soon), Mildura and Melbourne. There are a few more courses yet to be added, so keep an eye out at


The courses on offer are the classic two day Explain Pain, combined with the one day Graded Motor Imagerywith options of one, two and three day combinations – the practical-based Mobilisation of the Nervous System in Newcastle, and a special 3-day event, EP3 in Melbourne.

What’s the difference between Explain Pain and EP3

These are quite different.  NOI’s classic 2-day Explain Pain course continues in 2018 with a few tweaks. The teaching, as always, is updated to align with current research, and we now include a copy of The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer for each participant. This course is taught in Australia by our experienced instructors/clinicians/researchers Tim Cocks, David Butler, Martina Egan-Moog and Brendan Haslam. Explain Pain covers the core pain biology, and the ‘how to’ of Explaining Pain – including, conceptual change science, levels of misconception, EP curriculums, educational target concepts, and translating science into sticky stories that fit individual learners. If you are new to pain science and education concepts, this is the course to start with.


The EP3 event returns to Melbourne in 2018 with Western Australian Peter O’Sullivan joining Lorimer Moseley and David Butler for the first time. Peter is a world renowned clinician and researcher, and will be bringing his broad experience, and unique insights and approach to treating complex pain conditions. The three day EP3 events assume a solid pain knowledge-base and aims to advance your thinking, understanding and treatment of pain. Each presenter will delve deeper into their respective fields of expertise – David Butler in the educational science world, Lorimer Moseley in the pain neuroscience world, and Peter O’Sullivan into translating science to practice, and cognitive functional therapy. Lots of discussion, lots of energy, lots of fun and maximal educational nourishment!


How to make sure you don’t miss out?

Numbers to all NOI courses are restricted to ensure the best possible access to resources, and instructors, and to maximise your educational outcome – every course in 2017 sold out and the numbers are already growing for our 2018 line up. We hate having to tell people they missed the boat. So, if you are interested, don’t wait –  hit one of the links above and register now!


Looking forward to meeting you, or welcoming you back, at a NOI course in 2018

The NOI team


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