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We’re all entrepreneurs now

By Timothy Cocks Education for all 02 Dec 2015

Alain de Botton is awesome. A philosopher and writer, he has written awesome books on architecture, atheism, work and airports. In 2008 he and some friends set up the School of Life – “a place to step back and think intelligently about central emotional concerns.” The SoL produce some great content, and this little clip, voiced by Alain (he’s very easy on the ear) grabbed my attention:


“In our eyes, at the heart of successful entrepeneurship lies something oddly more abstract – an accurate insight into the causes of human unhappiness.

To be an entrepreneur means essentially to become an expert in the things that make life difficult for people.”

It struck me that therapists are all entrepreneurs by this definition – not the ‘do whatever it takes to make money‘ – kind of entrepreneurs , but kinder, gentler ‘finding bold ideas to reduce human distress‘ entrepreneurs.


-Tim Cocks

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 5.14.26 pm
Bold ideas for health entrepreneurs – EP3 2016. Click on the image above for details and tickets.


  1. Noigroup are entrepreneurs in our field and well done to you all for that.I have lots of ideas but never the time,resources or gumption to put it into practise.

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