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Top 5 for November 2015

By Timothy Cocks Education for all 04 Dec 2015

Here’s what people have been reading in November:

5. Stroke laterality study – you can all help

A call for participants in Brendon Haslam’s PhD research looking at the links between stroke shoulder pain and left right discrimination.

4. Push in

A short video from Kevin Vowles at EP3 2015 on using Chinese finger traps as a experiential, therapeutic metaphor, and the paradoxical need to sometime ‘push in’ to an unpleasant experience.

3. Pain Explainer

Lorimer Moseley in great form in The Conversation with a summary of modern pain science for non-scientists.

2. Now it is loneliness that comes at night

A look at loneliness and pain, with some poetry thrown in.


1. Keep your nerve juice loose – Neuroscience nugget No. 16

The number one post for November with a rocket, another from the always popular Neuroscience Nugget series.  This one on the ‘thixotropic’ nature of axoplasm and another really good reason to keep moving


-Tim Cocks


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