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Top 5: Counting down noijam’s highest trending posts

By Noigroup HQ Physio world 28 Mar 2014

5. Bob and Neural Tissue

The ‘Elvey technique’  –  a tribute to one of physiotherapy’s greatest.

4. Surgical Sadness

I guess the surgical world, for many reasons, are not ready or do not want to confront the problem

3. Pain endings”, “pain transmission” and “pain pathways” – time to name and shame

Naming and shaming of authors using language that is incorrect, or detrimental to patients.

2. Different Cracks

“there is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” – Lenard Cohen

1. Knee replacements in the brain – the patient’s side

I felt immediate ownership of my new knees  after surgery. But I had prepared well – more my mind than the rest of my body.” John Barbis PT and part-time patient.


-Kat Waterman


  1. I think my contribution would rank somewhere near the least popular 5. My charter is to tear off and destroy large chunks of the profession, and to be so ruthless in my application that nothing that’s false survives. False really irks me.

    Something *happens* in the treatment room, and it has nothing to do with what physical therapy is applied. Who wants to talk about that?

    1. Bring it on Cameron, I couldn’t agree more. 44 years at the coal face and several Gurus later, when ever I have believed in the technique it has worked miraculously. Until, that is the next Guru came along and had an even better one-if you know what I mean. The former seemed not to work anymore and the latter became the new Holly Grail !!!! NOI is not a Guru, NOI is a way of thinking and reflecting on the scientific knowledge we have to hand and is endeavouring to apply it in a clinical scenario. It’s strength is that it allows for the presence of the “X factor” which I presume is where you are going…….I remember talking with James Cyriax once and enthused by his methods I asked him if he could explain why past methods had worked. He just shrugged his shoulders and asked me to anchor the patients shoulders while he performed a “Five Triple Plus Manipultaion” to the victims cervical spine explaining, whilst the patient was still present that CVAs are very rare and he has only experienced two in his life……..Times have changed that God …….

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