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The wisdom of wisdom teeth

By David Butler Uncategorized 22 Oct 2020

About 10 days ago I had my wisdom teeth removed assisted by local anaesthetic. If you want to be seen to be tough  you can say “had em out in the chair” unlike those weaklings who have a general anaesthetic.  Anyway, out they came though some didn’t really want to leave their snug little home of 65 years.   Bit of soreness and bruising for a few days and then painless for days until I was in the car and on the way to the 10 day checkup. My mouth hurt! For a moment I thought “has something gone wrong?” “Was there a seed stuck in a socket?”, remembering the story a mate told me about how she got an infection  from a sticky seed. That word ‘socket’ too – they warned me about dry socket syndrome.

You would think I would know better! I got my thoughts together and somehow smiled at myself – the place, the time, the story – why wouldn’t a pain construction be sensible?.  The dentist peered into my mouth and said “well healed”.  I haven’t felt any pain since.    

Tooth removal is the most common operation on earth. Readers must have tooth removal stories to share – hilarious, sad or otherwise to  help with a better understanding of pain.

– David Butler

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  1. So David, would you say that the pain you were having was a fear-based pain response?

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