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The Recognise Apps are getting an update

By Noigroup HQ Uncategorized, Graded Motor Imagery 03 Aug 2023

In March 2016, we rebuilt the Recognise Apps from the ground up, adding new features and updating them to ensure they continued to work on the latest technology at the time.

But technology waits for no one, and with newer and larger smartphones and tablets released every year, our Recognise Apps needed another overhaul. App development is a tricky business, and unfortunately, the developers we worked with in 2016 are no longer in operation. This required us to seek some new app development partners and start the process of building the Recognise Apps all over again, from scratch, square one, afresh…  from the beginning, once more.

Starting over has allowed the developers to speed things up under the hood, maximise compatibility across as many Android and iOS devices as possible, and fix a few bugs. However, it has also meant that the update process for people who already have the apps installed is not as smooth as we would have liked. The effects will be different depending on whether you use an Android or iOS device. We have summarised these below.

Android Devices

The six new Recognise Apps are available to download from the Google Play store now. These have been published as brand-new apps and are presently free to download. People with apps now installed will still be able to use the older apps and access their results. However, we are not able to update the older apps and recommend all users download the newer apps and begin using these. Unfortunately, your results from the older apps will not be able to be added to the new Recognise Apps.

All six Recognise Apps for Android will be available as free downloads until 1 September 2023.

iOS Devices

Updates to the six iOS (Apple) apps are coming on 1 September 2023. Our developers have advised us that the newer apps will be published as updates to the existing apps, but as the new apps have been built from scratch, your results in the current apps will be lost.

We strongly recommend that current iOS Recognise App users export their saved results using the built-in feature of the existing app (for details of how to do this, see below).

If your app updates are set to automatic in Apple’s App Store, you do not need to do anything, and your apps will be automatically updated. Please note, however, that this will delete all current data, so if you wish to record this, please export it using the instructions below.

The Future of Recognise Apps

Technological progress can be a bumpy ride, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by these changes to the Recognise Apps. The approach that we have taken will allow us to keep updating the apps, respond to your requests for new features, and keep them running on as many devices as possible.

If you are a clinician, please advise your clients who use the Recognise Apps of the changes to come and pass on the Exporting your results details below.

We thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.



Exporting your results

If you are a current Recognise App user and would like to save your data before switching to the new Android Apps, or updating to the new iOS Apps, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Open the Recognise App
  2. From the home screen, tap on settings
  3. Enter your First and Last Name, and enter an email address that you can access in the section labelled ‘CLINICIAN EMAIL’ (we recommend that you use your personal email address here so that you have a record of your results and immediate access to them).
  4. Tap back 
  5. From the home screen, tap results
  6. Tap options
  7. Tap export all results
  8. This will open an email addressed to the email you entered in step 3. above, with an attached file of your results. Tap the send button (will differ depending on your device) to send the email.
  9. Check your email and confirm that you have received the email with your results attached.

This process will need to be completed for each Recognise App you use, for example, if you use Recognise Hands and Recognise Shoulder you will need to do this process within each app.


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