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The hand with 6 nails

By David Butler Patient examples 13 Aug 2015

One of our readers sent this in:

“We were treating a patient today and talking about pain. She told us she was recently sent a photo of her brother’s hand after a “small accident” with a nail gun and noticed that her pain was much better after seeing it!

It’s one of the better one’s that I have seen. It obviously wasn’t too painful at the time – I think it is a selfie.”

3 fingers
An unconventional selfie…

Of course we asked our reader if he could check whether it might be ok for us to share the story – and everyone involved was eager and happy for us to do so – we even got a few more details. The patient’s brother wasn’t even aware that he had done it until he went looking for the nail. He thinks it was about 3 ½ seconds before he was even aware that he had shot himself through the hand. He said even then it didn’t really hurt until he went to hospital and they started poking around trying to work out what they were going to do.

We all know examples like this. This one is quite dramatic as the trauma is in the hand, right in front of the eyes and a nail gun makes a bang. Those pain receptors must have been sleeping…


-David Butler


  1. I seek them here, I seek them there, I seek those pain nerve endings everywhere ……..particularly because they are so profitable 😱😱😱
    On location 🍷🍷🍷

  2. Another very long and splendid Italian lunch with lots of reminiscing of the past. I was asking Papa, a retired butcher how it was in his day with no health and safety rules concerning protective aprons, gloves etc. He proudly began to show me the scars of many stab wounds were the butchers knife had slipped, some very close to main arteries! When I asked the question “did you experience pain at the time” his reply was “only the pain of fear that I might not be able to work the next day”
    Does anyone want to contest that physical and emotional pain are very close if not the same!!!!
    On location 🍷😎🍝

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