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The gift of sound and vision

By Timothy Cocks Metaphor and language 20 Nov 2015

The Protectometer has a category Things you hear, see, smell, taste and touch. There are many powerful SIMs that could fit here – great music, inspiring art, the distinct aroma of freshly brewed coffee, vegetables you have grown yourself or a loved one’s caress. Here’s a wonderful bit of science uncovering some invisible SIMs in this category:

The Invisible World Has A Funky Fresh Beat

“How much do you think you are missing right now — in this very moment, as you sit reading these words? How much of the world’s grace and power do you think is cascading around you unseen like a swift, invisible river?

Most of it.

Cymatics is the science of visualizing sound. What New Zealand musician Stanford does in his cymatic experiments, however, is itself an art form. Using a variety of methods, he and his team make the complex spatial patterns generated by his own music visible — and it’s a feast for all the senses.


So, the message of this day is simple. The invisible world is all around us — and it is more beautiful than we can imagine.” (emphasis added)

Some of these effects were used in one of my all time favourite aural SIMs from the very talented Jack White


We like to say that DIMs and SIMs can hide in hard to find places – perhaps they can even be ‘invisible’. But the ‘invisible’ can be uncovered and celebrated – sometimes we just need a change in our thinking to uncover a world that ‘is more beautiful than we can imagine’.

-Tim Cocks

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 5.14.26 pm
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  1. Hi Tim,
    Powerful stuff and yes many SIMs and DIMs can be hiding, be invisible. Don’t be fooled by appearances and actions of people, who on the outside are great at kidding themselves and the Workd that they are just fine. The art of clinical reasoning is not only about weighing up the obvious, the visible but, more importantly seeking out the unspoken, the invisible, the voids.

    1. Hi David
      Perhaps, like the abyss, if we stare into a void, the void can stare back at us, with a resulting inclination to avoid such interaction with another human? I can think of many situations where this has been true for me!
      Lovely thoughts, thanks as always

  2. davidbutler0noi

    I just love that cymatics clip! It just screams “look deeper”


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