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The cabbie cortex: Baltazar

By Noigroup HQ Metaphor and language, The Cabbie Cortex 25 Jan 2014

Goodwood to Adelaide City, South Australia – $15

Baltazar- “How do you think the brain might work?”

“Sir you may notice I am driving an electric car -a Toyota hybrid – a Prius. I have been thinking that this beautiful car is a symbol of how my body works and that must include the brain. Notice how it is quiet and almost asleep, but then it comes alive when the battery needs to be charged. So you need to sleep and rest but then you also need to exercise to keep going and that includes the brain.
And let me tell you that the back seat of this taxi is a window on the world especially on Friday or Saturday night. Politicians should drive a cab on Friday night. Kids take too many drugs and no one is telling them what it does to the brain”

-David Butler
The cabbie cortex is a section of noijam where people send in their responses to asking taxi drivers how the brain might work. We have a growing collection of responses, providing an insight into the how the public views brain function. There are some great teaching metaphors too!


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