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The adrenal gland

By Timothy Cocks Uncategorized 27 Feb 2015

adrenal gland

We love David Blaiklock’s rendition of the adrenal gland perched on top of the kidney! The warrior looks a bit mean but he is really looking after us. One of the simplest Explain Pain stories… it goes like this… ‘when we are in trouble, the adrenal gland picks up danger signals from the blood and then the gland works out what to do – it can help power up systems you need when you are in trouble (muscle activity, vigilance) and power down systems you don’t need (healing, growth, reproduction, deep thinking, digestion). The trouble is – the system is great in the short term but if the danger persists this system, and others, can become turned up and edgy’ (Text and image from The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer book launch)


A good friend of NOI spent a harrowing few days in early January 2015 protecting her house as bushfires raged through parts of the Adelaide Hills. After attending The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer launch she sent us a little note which she was happy for us to share here:

Oh, and wanted to mention the art work. Loved the bath tub but also the one with the adrenal gland as a warrior. I looked at that and saw myself as the kidney below and the warrior holding a fire hose for about four hours on 2nd of January this year. It was just adrenalin that helped us through – the drawing was a perfect picture of that for me. So perfect it nearly made me cry – but I didn’t. I just ate more cheese”


This sums up just beautifully the reason so much time and effort went into the art and design of The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer – art that can tell a story on its own, art that can evoke emotion, and art that is thoughtfully and carefully integrated with text to produce powerful multimedia and conceptual change learning experiences.


– Tim Cocks



The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer can be purchased from anywhere around the world at It can also be purchased via Amazon UKor throughout the US.

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  1. stevewhereareyou

    Thanks for this supplement to the post-party post (I hope more to come). Nice to have a sampling of more of the juicy works featured from the walls of the protectometer launch… Brilliant! Now I feel I’ve had a nibble of some of the dim sum too!
    – Steve

  2. davidbutler0noi

    Thanks Steve,

    We will keep posting the art from the Handbook. It was a pleasure working with a professional artist who could take the concepts associated with pain (which are often very abstract and nebulous of course) and transfer and transform them into visual metaphors. Even fairly straightforward images like the adrenal gland took months of working and reworking and although they have explanatory text in the book, I think they work by themselves..


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