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Satellite Navigation and Pain. A Pain Story

By Noigroup HQ Pain Stories 16 Feb 2022

Practise creating your own Pain Stories to illustrate Target Concepts – key ideas helpful for everyone to understand pain. Here’s one using the Target Concept:
– Active treatment strategies promote recovery.

Satellite Navigation and Pain

Satellite Navigation devices (‘Sat Navs’ for short) are great nowadays, finding the quickest route to your destination, and then on the fly, taking into consideration any traffic or delays on your route to smoothly redirect you. You could even choose between taking a scenic drive or a more direct path. It’s really helpful to have these different options.

For years people in pain have used exercise as a treatment approach. In recent times, many clinicians have become quite dogmatic with their prescription. Do this exercise, exactly as I do it, this many repetitions or times a day. Some clinicians can get quite upset when their patients don’t carry out their instructions to the letter! We believe, as the awesome flexibility that sat navs offer to find your destination, we should be offering flexibility and alternatives to our patients when prescribing treatment. Movement and exercise are the obvious examples, but we could also include returning to sport or work, writing your new narrative self or becoming comfortable experiencing different emotional states. The key is that we see variability and flexibility as healthy in all our activities and that this is something we promote in our patients. Ultimately you are aiming for the same destination but the route you take varies to suit you!

Tim Beames and the Noigroup Europe team

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  1. Hello, I’m an equine therapist of 30 yrs. I’ve read EPS and the NOI blog for years. I’m struggling with the emergent idea that a powerful way to address a horse’s pain is by changing rider misconceptions. Does anyone have thoughts or experience with this secondary or transitive approach ? Addressing the handler instead of the handled?

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