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San Diego Pain Summit

By David Butler Education for all 06 Mar 2015
Prof Lorimer Moseley speaking at the 2015 San Diego Pain Summit


We have heard a lot of really good comments about the San Diego Pain Summit. Made me wish I was there.

In relation to a conference, the comments are quite novel  – good vibe, full of deep thinking, unassuming and respectful people – people who really want to make a difference.

Lorimer Moseley made similar comments to me over coffee this morning.

We need more and more of these meetings. It’s on again next year, and the tentative lineup of speakers, including Dr V Ramachandran and Dr Robert Sapolsky, looks promising indeed.


-David Butler


  1. Sounds like the kind of people we need to practice Biopsychosocial medicine……… Beautiful people who care and know how to be human……..People that don’t just listen but hear what you say ……
    London 👏👏👏

  2. I was lucky enough to attend this event a few weeks ago and I will echo David Butler’s coments. Lots of thought provoking information, edifying conversations between professionals and respect. In fact, respect was a major theme of the entire weekend. Respect for each other as manual therapists (regardless of the letters after our name) and respect for the patients we’re trying to help. I’m hoping to go next year. Maybe David Butler will be there and I can meet him (fingers crossed).

  3. I was one of the speakers and scared to death. It worked out though and I didn’t throw up. Amazing what you can hide.

  4. davidbutler0noi

    Ah Barrett – I have never seen a speaker throw up in all these years. Mind you, Caruso damaged a blood vessel in his throat during an opera in Brooklyn in the 1920s and could not continue as the blood clogged his voice.


    1. David,

      According to my father, Caruso was the Elvis of his day and his older brother George played him to their mother’s distraction. When he damaged his throat he probably did it just reaching an A. The speakers in San Diego all struggled with hidden fear, but I got more laughs – most of them intentional.

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