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Pain is like an unpaid bill. A Pain Story

By Noigroup HQ Pain Stories 16 Feb 2022

Creating your own Pain Stories helps to illustrate Target Concepts – key ideas helpful for everyone to understand pain. Here’s one that we prepared using the Target Concepts:
1. Learning about pain can help the individual and society
2. Pain is one of many protective outputs

Pain is like an unpaid bill

We receive emails all day (and night), most we are not aware of and are spammed automatically. Some, however, demand our attention – an unpaid bill or job application deadline. We might put them off, but we can’t put them out of our minds until we attend to them.

We also receive information from our bodies and external environment all the time (day and night). Again, most of this we’re not aware of. But some information demands our attention. Pain is one of those attention-grabbing things, like the unpaid bill. You might try to forget it, ignore it, or do something else to distract you, but ultimately you have to confront it. Like attending to and dealing with those demanding emails, it can be helpful to attend to, make sense of and work on those scary, attention-grabbing pains.

Tim Beames and the Noigroup Europe team

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