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One Thing. Yes, Just one thing

By Noigroup HQ Education for all, Paediatric pain education 29 Jan 2021

Our friend Joshua Pate, together with some colleagues has started a thing, it’s called One Thing, and asks the question ‘What is the one thing you want people challenged by pain to know?’ Josh explains this further in his post below.

There are many things to consider when thinking about persisting pain; how it affects peoples’ lives, what it actually ‘is’, how to deal with it, and how to recover. For people challenged by pain, a key variable identified to potentially help them is their re-conceptualisation of pain. Because pain really is complex. Sometimes people just need to know one thing about pain, and that changes everything for them. Something new, something different, something revolutionary…

There is so much for us all to learn, and so many incredible people to learn from who are working on this experience we call ‘pain’. Experts from all around the world have amazing discoveries and insights to share. However, they haven’t all been given an accessible platform to share their knowledge.

Until now.

We – myself, Dr David Kennedy (also a UTS lecturer), and Dr Lincoln Tracy (researcher and freelance writer) – thought we’d ask leading experts working in the pain field to reflect on their work. So (by night, throughout 2020), we created ‘One Thing’ – interviews with scientists, clinicians, and patient advocates asking them:

‘What is the one thing you want people challenged by pain to know?’

Over the next 10 weeks you can join in the fun of ‘One Thing’ Season 1 – a series of cutting-edge 10 minute interviews with leading pain researchers, compelling clinicians, as well as patient advocates sharing their experience. Episode 1 features Professor Lorimer Moseley and you can watch that right now.

Our free website has the video interviews, full transcripts, and links to the podcast versions of each interview. Plus, you can nominate yourself and/or others to be a part of season two!

Join in the One Thing conversations on social media, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

– Joshua Pate

Dr Joshua Pate, PhD, is a Lecturer in Physiotherapy at the University of Technology Sydney. You might remember him from his TED-Ed video on the mysterious science of pain

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