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Be like songbirds- “new neurones until we drop” – Neuroscience Nugget No. 10

By David Butler Neuroscience Nuggets 28 Aug 2014

A little over a decade ago, the scientific consensus was that no new neurones grew after early postnatal development. New neurones were thought to stuff up and disrupt existing circuitry so we didn’t need them. This is not correct. Beginning in the 60’s, forgotten til the 90s and fostered by new research technology, we now know that neural stem cells generate new neurones in adult rats, primates and humans. We know that songbirds remodel substantial parts of their brain associated with vocalisation every year.

These neurones are new neurones, not replacements neurones, they are more excitable than older neurones, and they indulge in competitive plasticity for a place in circuitry associated with cognitions and emotions.   Human research is scant but evolving and we know that neurogenesis is restricted to certain brain areas . Stress is known to downregulate neurogenesis and exercise and environmental enrichment are known to enhance it.

Wow, this science is exciting and contains much healthy narrative (especially as I am getting much older!). This nugget is all part of the story of the everchanging brain. New neurones every day, neurones linked to cognitions and emotions, the potential to enhance them and grow more with exercise and enriched activity. What a powerful stimulus for behaviour change and to challenge ageism!!

“We can be like songbirds” can be a story that every older person should hear.

-David Butler

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